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ArcSystem 1-Cell Fixture Polarity


I need to connect an ArcSystem 1-Cell fixture to a driver without using the pre-terminated Molex connector (for example, connecting to an F-Drive CC output). What is the polarity of the wiring?


ArcSystem 1-cell fixtures have different wire color conventions per product for DC polarity. They must be connected to DC power with the correct polarity to function.

Product Color (Positive) Color (Negative)
ArcSystem Pro 1-Cell (Standard) Black Red
ArcSystem Pro 1-Cell Small Black Red
ArcSystem Pro 1-Cell Micro Red Black
ArcSystem Pro 1-Cell High Output Red Black



Note: ArcSystem Pro 1-Cell High Output fixtures are only for use with D1 HO Drivers, which only use the molex connector. Its polarity information provided here is for reference only.

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