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Can I use GDS commissioning hardware with ETC ArcSystem fixtures?

To commission an ArcMesh system, you will need two pieces of hardware:

  • An ArcMesh TX1 transmitter. This is required at commissioning, and must remain on site as a transmitter if fixtures are being used wirelessly
  • An ArcMesh USB Commissioning Tool. This is required at commissioning, and to make changes later, but not during normal operation

If ordered as part of a new system, you will receive ETC-branded versions of the above devices.
If you already have GDS-branded versions of these devices, they can also be used to commission ETC-branded fixtures.
However, the "USB TX1 Commissioning Gateway", an all-in-one device formerly produced by GDS, is not supported and will not work with ETC ArcMesh fixtures.

TX1 (ETC or GDS Branded)


USB Commissioning Tool (ETC or GDS Branded)


commissioning tool (2).jpg

USB TX1 Commissioning Gateway


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