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Can I Update my ColorSource CYC via Updaterator If There Are Multiple Fixture Types On The DMX Chain?


I have a DMX Chain that includes multiple fixture types and I want to update one specific type.

  1. Is it ok to run the update from Updaterator without physically removing the other fixture types from the DMX chain?  
  2. Are there any gotchas? 


  1. The data packets sent from Updaterator include an identifier that has to be matched by the fixture before it starts loading the new code. This prevents incorrect fixture types from loading code that isn't meant for them. This is specific to the code, not to Updaterator, so the same rule applies when running a fixture to fixture software push.  
  2. The more fixtures that are on the DMX chain, the longer the update process will take. If there are non-compliant fixtures on the DMX chain, they may flash or flicker during the update process.   


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