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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Error Codes for ColorSource Fixtures

There are several error codes that may be shown on the user interface.

  • CAL: Indicates a problem with the color calibration. The fixture will need to be returned to the ETC factory; contact your local dealer to setup a repair. 
  • OtP: Indicates that the fixture has gone into over-temperature protection mode to avoid damaging the fixture. Once the fixture has self-cooled, the error will automatically clear. 
  • NoApp: Indicates that upgraded fixtures have a software issue. Reload software to clear the error. If the error persists, contact ETC Technical Services.
  • BRn: Fixture is in burn mode, a test mode from the factory. If this is happening upon initial installation, apply DMX and power cycle the fixture. If this is happening after the unit has previously been functional, contact ETC Technical Services.


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