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Pushing Software from one ColorSource fixture to another


It is always good to have fixtures running the same software. You can check what software version your ColorSource fixture is running by power cycling the unit and looking at the three-digit number that shows while booting. If you have one fixture running a newer software version than others, you can use that fixture to update the other units.


ColorSource Fixtures running software older than v1.3.0 cannot be updated this way. You will need to use UpdaterAtor to update their bootloader and software.


  1. Choose your Master fixture (the one running the newest code that you want to push to the other ones).
  2. Daisychain power and DMX from your Master fixture to all of the fixtures you want to update.
    1. Do NOT have DMX coming into your Master fixture. Make sure nothing is plugged into its DMX IN port.
  3. Power down your Master fixture.
  4. Press and hold the Up and Down buttons on the Master fixture simultaneously.
  5. While continuing to hold down those two buttons, restore power to the Master fixture. Continuing holding until the LCD shows 'UDT RDY' to indicate the update mode is ready.
  6. Release the Up and Down buttons, and press the Mode button to begin the update.
  7. The LCD will alternate between 'UDT' and the percentage of the update's completion. This step can take several minutes, especially depending on how many fixtures you are updating.
  8. When the percentage reaches 100%, the Master fixture will reboot and everyone should come back at the correct version.
  9. To test if everyone is at the desired version, power cycle the fixtures. They will show their version while rebooting.


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