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Updating ColorSource Par to v1.3.0


ColorSource Fixture Family v1.3.0 Firmware fixes an issue where the DMX Address of a fixture was not saved properly, and an improved dimming curve for a faster zero-count (bump) response. All fixtures should be updated to v1.3.0 or higher at the same time. This same firmware can be applied to all ColorSource Fixture types, whether "standard" or Deep Blue.

Updating ColorSource fixtures from below v1.3.0 requires two separate Update Steps: first, the bootloader must be updated.  Then, the fixture's firmware can be updated.

  1. Read the ColorSource v1.3.0 Release Note:
  2. Download and Install UpdaterAtor Software from our website:
  3. Connect a Laptop or PC running Windows 7 / 8 /10 (currently MAC OS not supported) to any one of these devices:
    1.  1x 5000A1039 --- ETC USB/DMX Service Cable 
    2. 1x 4267A1004 --- ETC USB/DXM Gateway Gadget for ETCNomad 
    3. 1x ETC Networked DMX RDM Gateway (1,2,4 Port, or DIN Rail)
  4. Connect one of the above devices to the CS Fixture.

  5. Turn on the Fixture.  While it is booting, the display should show what Firmware it has. 
    It will probably say 1.0.0, 1.0.1, or 1.1.0. If it says 1.3.0 or higher, then the fixture already has an updated bootloader.  It can be updated directly from UpdaterAtor.

  6. Open UpdaterAtor Software and Press SETUP VERSIONS on the right side:

  7. Device Type = “ColorSource Family Bootloader” must be = v1. or higher
    Device Type = “ColorSource Family v1.3.0+” must be = v1. or higher

    If not, press DOWNLOAD ALL LATEST SOFTWARE Button to the right to get it. If this button is missing, then the UpdaterAtor software has not detected an Internet connection.  You may need to close this small menu and enter it again if your Internet connection needs to be refreshed.

  8. Once Firmware v1.3.0 or higher is on your computer and listed as above, then go back to the Main Menu.

  9. If you are connected to fixture via a networked RDM DMX Gateway, then press RDM Devices, and continue with Instruction Nr. 

  10. If connected to a fixture via a USB/DMX Cable or Gadget, then press USB/DMX Devices and jump down to Instruction Nr. 15. Continue from there)


  1. For RDM Update Method, First select ColorSource Family Bootloader v1.3.0 and Click NEXT:
  2. Then check only the PORTs that you want to update via, and press BEGIN at bottom:Updating-ColorSource-Fixtures-11.jpg
  3. Then just watch: Fixture will display RDY (ready) and dL (download) in green on its Display, then it will count up a percentage completed:

    Once it displays „APP“ and „no“, it is finished with the BOOTLOADER Update.

    If this doesn’t appear in display, then the update failed, please repeat the entire process.

  4. Close this Menu, and press RDM Devices->ColorSource Family v1.3.0+->Next:Updating-ColorSource-Fixtures-13.jpg

  5. Select again the port, and press BEGIN Update. Fixture will show again and count upUpdating-ColorSource-Fixtures-14.jpg:
    Once it displays number on its own, it has finished, and is showing its DMX address. 
    This procedure can now be repeated with your other fixtures.

  6. For USB Update Method, First select ColorSource Family Bootloader v1.3.0+ and Click NEXT

  7. Then Select SINGLE if only one fixture is connected, or MULTIPLE if you have more devices connected thru the DMX THRU Output Port, and want to update multiple fixtures at a time.

  8. Then just watch: Fixture will display RDY and dL in green on its Display, then it will count up:Updating-ColorSource-Fixtures-17.jpg
    Once it displays „APP“ and „no“, it is finished with the BOOTLOADER Update. Repeat Step 15 and 16, choosing ColorSource Family v1.3.0 Update, and then once it displays number on its own, it has finished, and its showing its
    DMX address. Then fixture is finished updating, and you can repeat this for other fixtures. 

If you have questions about this please contact ETC Technical Services.




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