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I Need to Replace the Metal Cover on my ColorSource Spot


The metal housing on my ColorSource Spot needs to be replaced. What part should I order?

Description/Explanation of Issue

There have been 2 revisions to part numbers 7413A2000 and 7413A2001. 

As an identifier, Rev A has pre-tapped holes. Rev B has untapped holes. 

clipboard_e0e3b8ebcd4b510e6f1d8d8c75c71b5f7.pngREV A                           clipboard_e6270a7f49612a6e07ca4e87f9dfb99c4.png REVB



  1. The Upper/Top housing is part 7413A2001 (Add a -1 if white, -5 if silver, -8 if custom color). 
  2. The Lower/Bottom housing is part 7413A2000  (Add a -1 if white, -5 if silver, -8 if custom color). 
  3. If your fixture was manufactured prior to April 26, 2019, you will need to purchase both the upper and lower housing as well as 4 alternate screws, HWM10017. This is a Torx M4 taptite screw. If it was manufactured after April 26, then you can purchase just the upper or lower housing as needed. 



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