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D40 Color System Fail Error


LCD readout shows Color System Fail and the Error LED blinks. Fixture has no output.

The fixture will also identify itself as a Source 4 LED Lustr in the About Fixture menu of the diagnostics menu and the image on the LCD may be upside down.

Description/Explanation of Issue

There are four known causes for this issue. Two can be checked in the field, and one can be repaired in the field.

  1. Data cable between the LED array and the driver board is unplugged. This is only this case in which the problem can be fixed in the field.
    1. If the power supply has been replaced in the field, this is the most likely cause.
  2. Data cable and/or the power cable is damaged. The fixture must be sent to ETC for repair, but can be checked in the field.



  1. LED array has lost its calibration data. Rarely, the LED array will lose it's calibration data. The fixture must be sent back to ETC to be re-calibrated.
  2. LED array memory has failed. This is also a rare problem. Calibration data is stored in the LED array memory and must be replaced and the fixture re-calibrated at ETC.



The following directions are to check the cables inside the fixture for a Desire unit.  We do not recommend opening a Source Four LED in the field.

If you are not comfortable taking apart the fixture, please send in the fixture to your dealer or to ETC.

For Desire:

  1. With the fixture unplugged, unscrew the 10 screws holding the back of the fixture to the LED head
  2. Carefully lift the fixture body off of the LED head and check that both the data cable (multi-colored) and the power cable (black and gray) are plugged in
    1. If the data cable and/or the power cable is unplugged, plug the cable(s) back into the appropriate header(s), seating it fully. A flathead screwdriver can be used to help gently press the cable into the socket
    2. If the data cable and/or the power cable is damaged, then the cables must be replaced
  3. Carefully place the fixture both back on the LED head, taking care not to pinch the data and power cables between the metalwork
  4. Reattach the fixture back to the LED head with the 10 screws
  5. Plug in the fixture and test

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