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Can I Replace the Main Gasket in my Desire D60X or XTI Fixture Myself?


Small amounts of moisture are getting into my Desire X/XT/XTI fixture. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

Can I replace the main gasket on my own or should I send this in to ETC? 


  1. It's ETC's recommendation to send it in to the factory to have the gasket replaced, as we will also perform a dunk test to ensure a proper seal. 
    1. It's easy to pinch the gasket when reassembling the fixture causing a point of entry for moisture. 
  2. You may attempt to replace the gasket yourself, however if the repair is unsuccessful and other components are damaged as a result of moisture or water incursion, that will not be covered under ETC's warranty. The gasket part number is 7410A4013 and can be purchased from your favorite ETC dealer. 
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