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Desire Power and Control Harness Compatibility

In Selador Desire fixtures (D40, D60, D40XT, etc.) there is a cable that connects the Power Supply to the Control Card.  That cable is 7410B7002 - D40/60 DC Power Cable.  The connectors on the ends are ETC Part# J6994.  The original version of the connector had a gap between the legs of the connector. This is the non-keyed part:


In Spring 2013, a new keyed connector (still J6994) entered into production with no gap between the pins:


The receptacles for these connectors (J9100-F) on the control cards also come in two varieties, one that is partially keyed :


And one that is fully keyed :


This means that, out of the box, new replacement power supplies may not be able to plug into the fully keyed receptacle.

The easiest solution to this issue is to remove the original harness from the power supply and mount it in the new power supply that is being installed. To do so you will need to remove the metal cover on the power supply.


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