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Error Codes for Desire Series

When a system error is detected, a message displays on the home screen in addition to the red Error LED indicator blinking. The message changes to reflect the specific error type. When multiple errors are detected, each error message cycles, in increasing numerical order on the display for 1 second each. These errors can also be seen using Concert software via RDM. The following table lists the error messages:

LED Amb Over Temp:
The LED head ambient temp is too hot and has been shut down, let fixture cool down

LED Amb High Temp: 
The LED head ambient is getting hot. Let the fixture cool.

LED Amb Low Temp: 
The LED head ambient is too cold. Improper operating conditions.

Color System Fail:
Fixture does not have its color information loaded. This most likely represents a hardware failure.

LED Over Temp: 
A specific LED is over-temp and the fixture has been shut down.

Internal High Temp: 
Fixture internal temp is too hot.

Power Budget %d %: 
The fixture is reducing the LED output due to hot temperatures.

Internal Overtemp:
The internal temperature is too hot, the fixture has been shut down. Let the fixture cool.

Config Error: 
The stored configuration has been compromised. The fixture will return to a default configuration.

LED Comm Error:
The control card is having problems communicating with the LED array.

Ctrl/Array Mismatch:
Flags a fixture that is built with an old model control card and a series 2 LED array.


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