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AR500 Control Cards

Each motor has two pairs of control wires.  To make sure that the wiring is good and the motor is not shorted, meter between each pair of wires with the control card disconnected.  The measurements must be made with the unit powered off.  The pairs are listed below.  You should read between 80 and 100 ohms for good wiring and motor. A reading of zero ohms indicates a shorted motor or shorted wiring.  A reading of 5 megaohms or greater indicates open wiring.  Also make sure that there is 5 megaohms or greater between each of the 16 wires and ground and between each of the 16 wires not listed as pairs below. 

Term. Color Term Color Resistance
1 Black 2 White 80-100 ohms
3 Red 4 Green 80-100 ohms
5 Orange 6 Blue 80-100 ohms
7 White/Black 8 Red/Black 80-100 ohms
9 Green/Black 10 Orange/Black 80-100 ohms
11 Blue/Black 12 Black/White 80-100 ohms
13 Red/White  14 Green/White 80-100 ohms
15 Blue/White 16 Black/Red 80-100 ohms


Each wire and ground     5 megaohms or more

Term Color Color Resistance
1 Black any other wire than White 5 megaohms or more
2 White any other wire than Black 5 megaohms or more
3 Red any other wire than Green 5 megaohms or more
4 Green any other wire than Red 5 megaohms or more
5 Orange any other wire than Blue 5 megaohms or more
6 Blue any other wire than Orange 5 megaohms or more
7 White/Black any other wire than Red/Black 5 megaohms or more
8 Red/Black any other wire than White/Black 5 megaohms or more
9 Green/Black any other wire than Orange/Black 5 megaohms or more
10 Orange/Black any other wire than Green/Black 5 megaohms or more
11 Blue/Black any other wire than Black/White 5 megaohms or more
12 Black/White any other wire than Blue/Black 5 megaohms or more
13 Red/White any other wire than Green/White 5 megaohms or more
14 Green/White any other wire than Red/White 5 megaohms or more
15 Blue/White any other wire than Black/Red 5 megaohms or more
16  Black/Red any other wire than Blue/White 5 megaohms or more

After these have all been checked out and repaired, put each unit into self test (address 00) to check for proper functions.  Each motor and color should close and open.  For those that do not, you may have a bad motor, an actuator shaft may be disconnected from the color head, or the control card may have a problem.  Be very sure to check the wiring first.
Check the Data Runs
Check to make sure that the data runs are intact and correctly terminated at each unit. 

In order to test fixtures, first check these measurements. After these have all been checked out and repaired, power up all the fixtures and the MCP.  Put the test switch on the MCP into the 'On' position and verify all the units change colors simultaneously.  The Green Data LED on each CPU card should be blinking.  If not, you may have bad wiring or a bad CPU card. If the colors are not all the same on each unit (ie: most units are in blue and one is in red) then the motor wiring between the ballast and the head is incorrect.

If Lamps Are Exploding

For the lamps that are exploding, please verify that the ballast plate utilizes the correct parts and wiring on the inductor.  You should have an inductor and two capacitors on the ballast plate.  The inductor does have the maximum ratings that you faxed in.  The color wires that should be used on the inductor are white and red.


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