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Irideon - AR5 and AR50 Self-Tests


Note:  The following tests will not run on fixtures that have a Composer Lite sequence loaded.  A PC connected running Composer Lite is required to re-enable self test on the fixture. Internal diagnostic self tests are provided with the luminaire to exercise color and movement mechanisms. Set fixture address to "00" to initiate self tests. In self test, the Most Significant Digit (MSD) of the fixture address rotary switches regulates the rate at which the mechanisms move. Use the table below to determine test rates.  


Note: For pan and tilt movements, speeds below five seconds are not achievable to test the full range of movement. Observable speed differences for pan and tilt testing should be limited to settings between 5 and 9.

MSD 0 :maximum speed setting 

Rate: 1   1 second

2   2 seconds

3   3 seconds

4   4 seconds

5   5 seconds

6    6 seconds

7    7 seconds

8   8 seconds

9   9 seconds

**These times do not apply to pan and tilt movements. With these time settings luminaire will operate at max pan and tilt speed (approximately 5 second rate from one extreme to the other).

In self test, the Least Significant Digit (LSD) of the fixture address rotary switches selects the mechanisms to be tested. Use the table below to determine selected mechanisms.

LSD Settings and Description:

0 Cycles each mechanism [blue, amber, magenta, dimmer (douser) or diffuser, pan, then tilt] back and forth one at a time then all mechanisms at once.

1 Cycles blue filter mechanism open and closed

2 Cycles amber filter mechanism open and closed

3 Cycles magenta filter mechanism open and closed

4 Cycles dimmer (douser) or diffuser, whichever is installed, if any open and closed

5 Cycles pan to limit extremes

6 Cycles tilt to limit extremes

7 Cycles each filter (blue, amber, magenta, then dimmer) open and closed

8 Cycles pan then tilt to limit extremes

9 Cycles all mechanisms at once

To perform self test:

Step 1:  Set both fixture address switches (MSD and LSD) to "0". Within five seconds the Green LED will begin to blink at a rate of on for two seconds and off for two seconds.

Step 2:  Wait for approximately ten seconds. Within ten seconds the Green LED will begin to flash at a rate of two flashes per second. At this point the luminaire will begin self test, as detailed in the above tables, for the MSD "0" and LSD "0" condition. Once self test has begun, the MSD and LSD switches may be moved to other positions to test for proper operation of other mechanisms.  After performing these tests, continue to Step 3. 

Step 3:  Return switches to the "00" address. Wait for slow flash of Green LED to indicate luminaire has returned to normal operation. When LED begins to flash at the slower speed, return address switches to original fixture address within ten seconds. Failure to begin setting address switches within ten seconds will return luminaire to test mode.Note: To exit self test mode, address switches must be moved to some test position other than "00" and then returned to "00". If test is performed only at "00" LED will not resume slow flash to allow exit from testing.

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