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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Irideon AR500


The AR500 was obsoleted early in 2004. This item was essentially a 'buyout' item from Vari-lite so ETC had no / little manufacturing of the component parts. ETC did do all the final assembly and repair on these units.  The AR6 was manufactured until April 2005

Because ETC did not manufacture the parts for the most Irideon, we do not have the ability to produce any new parts. We only have what is in the US repairs inventory from Vari-lite and that is a very small amount.

ETC Inc can do repair work on most Irideon items. All the electronics can be repaired and the color changing mechanism might be able to be repaired / refurbished depending on the problem. Parts would need to be sent to ETC Inc and it would be a billable repair.  

Power Supplies: 

PS144 is used with the Composer control tray.

PS141 is used with the DMX version of the control tray.

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