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Understanding Irideon Receptacle Stations

There are two different types of receptacle stations, a "Remote Programming Receptacle" and a "Luminaire Programming Receptacle".

Remote Programming Receptacle (MCP Remote Programming Receptacle)

This has an RS232 interface that is designed to attach to the recall station data run (jacks P2 & P3) of the MCP through its RS-485 data connection. You must set up the receptacle with correct addressing in Composer to operate your fixtures through this Receptacle Station.  This is also how you download Programming Data to the MCP without using the DB9 jack on the front of the MCP. The easiest way to do this is to click on the "View" pulldown menu and select "View Configuration List".

After the configuration list is present go down inside the box, right click and select "Add Remote Stations" (Auto Configuration will also pick up the station, but you will have to assign it to a room).While you can bypass the MCP and run this Receptacle Station directly to the luminaire data run and operate from you PC it was not intended or practical for this use. This was tested to work, but you should not do this.

Luminaire Programming Receptacle (Luminaire Programming Jack)

This is nothing more than a plug in station to run your Luminaires directly from your PC.  This is a "dumb" station (does not require addressing), with an RJ45 jack.  This station would be used to directly control Irideon luminaires from a PC running Composer software.  You would also need the external RS232-to-RS485 Converter.  This would not be used with an MCP.

For the Luminaire Programming Jack, you can use Belden 1584A (Shielded Catagory 5 cable), Belden 9841 or Belden 9842.

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