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Does My Source Four Revolution Have the Original Scroller or Wybron Scroller?


I have a Source Four Revolution and need to work on the scroller.  How do I know if I have a Revolution with Wybron scroller or a Revolution with Original scroller?

Explanation of Issue

At the beginning of 2007, ETC changed the Source Four Revolution to use a Wybron color scroller instead of the original scroll the fixture had been using for years.  These two different color scrollers are not interchangeable and will only fit on the appropriate age fixture.  


There are a couple ways to tell which one you have.  

  1. The two different revisions of Revolution have different ETC part numbers.  The part number can be found on the clamp side of the control enclosure.   
    1. 7160A1002 - Revolution with original scroller.
    2. 7160A1017 - Revolution with Wybron scroller.
  • Another way to tell is by looking at the front of the color scroller itself.  The scrollers look different, as can be seen in the images below.
    1. Original color scroller: 
      S4 Rev. Original scroller.jpg
    2. Wybron color scroller: 
      S4 Rev. Wybron scroller.jpg
      1. also note that the Wybron scroller is labeled "Wybron" on the outside.
        S4 Rev. Wybron scroller.jpg
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