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Revolution Rotating Or Static Gobo Modules Won't Calibrate

The Rotating or Static Gobo Module wont calibrate on power up.  At the end of the calibration cycle the module wheel is in mid frame between two positions.

Check the spacing between the magnet and sensor.  There is a small magnet embedded in the wheels in different locations. The rotating wheel has a hexagonal post which contains the magnet and one of the rotating holders has a magnet embedded as well. The post calibrates the frame position, the magnet in the holder calibrates index position.  In the Static wheel there is one magnet for frame position.   The Proximity sensor is located on a PCB in the module handle. 

Verify the presence of the appropriate magnet/location for the module

The module has a housing cover on the side opposite the wheel. Verify this housing is flush against the side of the handle. If it is shifted in toward the wheel side the magnet may be passing to far away from the sensor, and therefore not registering it's presence.  If the wheel or shaft is bent, the post or the wheel may hang up on other items which would prevent it's proper operation. 

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