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Revolution Tilt Axis Won't Calibrate

When Powering up, the Tilt axis begins to move but quickly stops moving toward the mid point and fails to complete the calibration process.

The Tilt axis uses an encoder wheel and optical sensor to verify movement of the axis and Identify the position by counting the number of impulses as the encoder wheel passes through the optical sensor.  If the Optical sensor is not seeing the impulses it will stop the calibration cycle, and the tilt axis will become limp, and not locked into position.

Verify the orange white yellow wire harness in the arm is intact. It is common that if the wires are misrouted in the arm a cover screw can be driven through the wire breaking one of them.  Verify the Metal flag is intact and passing through the proximity switch in the arm.  If these are verified the proximity switch will need to be replaced.

Make sure unit does not have a counter-weight unless a shutter module is installed.  The extra weight will cause the motor to fail.

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