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Navis 100 and 3rd Party Drivers


Can Navis 100 be used with a 3rd party driver?


While F-Drive drivers are a convenient way to power them, White and Fade to Warm Navis fixtures can be used with 3rd party drivers. Both fixtures require a constant current driver. Fixed White fixtures require 600mA, and Fade to Warm fixtures require 450mA. ETC does not test 3rd party drivers for compatibility or performance with Navis 100 fixtures.

Consult the installation documentation for the correct RJ45 pinout.


Navis RGBW must be powered by an F-Drive Chroma driver. They are not compatible with 3rd-party drivers, and connecting an RGBW fixture to a non-F-Drive driver may result in damage.


While using a 3rd party driver to control a Navis fixture will not void its warranty, ETC does not warrant damage caused by external factors such as incorrect or faulty drivers. It is the customer's responsibility to use care in selecting and testing any non-ETC driver for use with ETC fixtures.

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