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Differences Between Selador LED Versions

NOTE: The lens assembly is a different shape for each type.  They are shaped to fit over the LED.

K2 LED's

  • Used on version 1 and 2 Control Cards only, but can be controlled by version 3 Control Cards.
  • Limited quantities available.
  • Large dome and large footprint with four surface-mount leads.
  • Lens assembly:

K2 LED - Selador LED Array.jpg

Rebel LED's (Current)

  • Used with all version 3 Control Cards and some version 2 Control Cards.
  • Limited quantities available, depending on the bin number of the LED.
    • The same bin number is needed so that all LED's match output on the same LED array.
  • Small dome and sits flat on the LED board.
  • Lens assembly:
    • Some lens bases are white, especially the later versions.
    • Some lenses had diffusion (cloudy look), others were clear.
    • Some lens assemblies were glued but most were not.  For the ones that were not glued, the clear window above the LED array is what keeps the LED lens.
    • Different shape than for the K2 LED.

Rebel LED - Selador LED Array.jpg


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