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Selador Classic Software Versions

Selador Pre-ETC 

Selador was once owned by a company called Shine.  They were available in X7, X7 XTRA, Vivid, and Paletta varieties.

In October of 2008, software version 1.6 was released.  There is no history of a previous software version.

In February of 2009, ETC purchased Selador from Shine but left production of Selador fixtures in Utah.

A few months later in April of 2009, Selador production was moved to the factory in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Please see subsequent software versions and hardware revisions below:

Selador Software Versions and Hardware Revisions: 

Version 1.7- May 2009 (Vivd-K2, Paletta-Rebel, Lustr-Rebel)

Known as Rev. 2, version 1.7 has a few distinguishing features:

-Rev. 2 fixtures have a daughter card above their control card

-A socketed DMX chip was added, as was  a fan for overheating and duty cycle

-Vivid and Lustr changed body type making the backplate easily removable.  The address card, fan, and plugs were added to the backplate.

The 1.7 code had some key improvements as well:

-Adjusted dimming to match Source4*

-Changed voltage on Amber and Red Orange

* V 1.6 and 1.7 will not match color or dimming curve

Version 1.8- January 2010 (Vivid-R, Paletta, Lustr, Fire, Ice-all have Rebel LEDs)

Known as Rev. 3, hardware features include:

-New switched linear card that features an ETC design and no daughter card

-Temperature sensor added to LED array that will work in all older versions

-Auto calibration (not done optically)*

-New address card that shows version number**

*V 1.7 and V 1.8 match in color and dimming curve

** Older versions will read as 0.00

Version 1.9- March 2010 (Vivd-R, Paletta, Lustr, Fire, Ice)

This software release fixes a bug where software versions were not displaying properly on the 7 segment displays.

Version 1.10 and Version 1.11-May 2010 (Vivd-R, Paletta, Lustr, Fire, Ice)

These software versions were released simultaneously.

V 1.10 featured a fan fix, the unit's fan will now turn on when needed and off when not

V1.11 arose when we had to change the bins of our LEDs since Bin 2 and 3 80 Lumen LED were no longer available and were replaced by Bin 1 90 Lumen LED.*

*V1.11 is not compatible with any other Selador revisions.  It adjusts the voltage of the green LED down to make it less bright.

Version 1.12-June 2010 (Vivd-R, Paletta, Lustr, Fire, Ice)

This version fixed Ice fixture calibration that was causing Ice units to not auto calibrate 90 lumen green LED's.

Version 1.13-July 2010 (Vivd-R, Paletta, Lustr, Fire, Ice)

This version came about to accommodate returning to the Green LED of 80 lumen that was used before V1.12.

Version 1.15 and Version 1.16- August 2010 (Vivd-R, Paletta, Lustr, Fire, Ice)

These software version were released simultaneously.

V 1.15 fixed a rebooting and auto calibration issue.

V 1.16 ensured proper color mixing with green LED from a different bin in Ice Fixtures only.

In September 2010, the Selador Pearl was released featuring 20 Warm and 20 Cool LEDs at version 1.15.

Version 1.17- January 2012 (Vivd-R, Paletta, Lustr, Fire, Ice, Pearl)

This software release implemented an alternate dimming and smoothing algorithm and is the final software version for these fixtures.

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