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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

ETC Approved HPL Lamps

Below is the latest list of approved HPL lamps from our three manufacturers. 

  1. This list shows HPL lamps that have been tested and approved by ETC.
  2. If a particular lamp is not checked as approved, that simply means that we have not tested it yet.  
  3. If you would like to seek approval for a specific lamp type, please contact ETC Technical Services. 


Lamp Type Ushio OSI GE Phillips  
300W/100VX Yes         
375W/115V Yes  Yes       
375W/115VX Yes         
375W/230VX * Yes         
375W/240VX * Yes         
500W/100V Yes         
500W/100VX Yes         
550W/77V Yes  Yes       
550W/77VX Yes  Yes       
575W/100V Yes    Yes     
575W/100VX Yes         
575W/115V Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   
575W/115VX Yes    Yes  Yes   
575W/120V Yes  Yes  Yes     
575W/120VX Yes    Yes     
575W/220V * Yes         
575W/220VX * Yes         
575W/230V * Yes  Yes       
575W/230VX * Yes         
575W/240V * Yes  Yes       
575W/240VX * Yes         
650W/100V Yes         
650W/100VX Yes         
750W/100V Yes         
750W/100VX Yes         
750W/115V Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   
750W/115VX Yes  Yes       
750W/120V Yes  Yes       
750W/120VX   Yes       
750W/220V * Yes         
750W/230V * Yes  Yes       
750W/230VX * Yes         
750W/240V * Yes         
750W/240VX * Yes         
* High voltage lamps        



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