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Changes to PAR Lenses in 2020

In late 2020 we rolled in some changes to PAR lenses

Starting in August and progressing through the end of 2020 we started shipping the new lenses as we ran out of stock of the older lenses.  These new lenses should have the same properties of their predecessors in terms of light output and spread

What's the difference?

These new lenses look a little bit different, and we gave them new part numbers as well.

Here is an image of the original lenses used in Source 4 PAR up until 2020:

Old Par Lenses Labled.jpg

The new lenses are flat.

MFL New Front Cropped.jpgVNSP New Front Cropped.jpg

Above Medium is on the left and Very Narrow is on the right.

NSP New Front Cropped.jpgWFL New Front Cropped.jpg

Above NSP is on the left and Wide is on the right.

Description Old Lens Part Numbers New Lens Part Numbers
MFL (Medium) Lens 7061A4005 7061A4072
WFL (Wide) Lens 7061A4006 7061A4073
NSP (Narrow) Lens 7061A4003 7061A4074
VNSP (Very Narrow) Lens 7061A4002 7061A4075

It has been noted that in this new design it can be difficult to tell the MFL and WFL apart visually.   One way to differentiate is to find the vertical axis of the lens.  With an MFL (Medium) the axis will bisect the a facet, while with the WFL (Wide) it will fall between two facets, as shown below:



The lens listed above have a diameter of 178.308mm and a thickness of 7.544mm.

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