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How to Store Source 4WRD

Ideally, Source 4WRD should be installed on a fixture body and then not removed.

If the Source 4WRD assembly should need to be removed from the fixture body, then the best storage solution is the original box from the retrofit kit.

If you did not purchase a retrofit kit or no longer have your box, then there are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. The LED array is very delicate. Damage to the LED domes can render the unit non-functional.
  2. Dust collection on the domes can cause the unit to overheat.

In order to properly store the unit you need to protect the LED array. Avoid touching the LEDs and cover the unit with a plastic bag or paper bag to help avoid dust settling on the unit.

If the Source 4WRD has been stored in an environment where dust has been allowed to collect on the array it is a good idea to carefully clean the array before use. To clean the array use an acid brush and isopropyl alcohol to gently brush the LEDs. Allow to dry completely before use.

Source 4WRD should not be stored below freezing, as it is a water cooled unit. If the unit is frozen, be sure to warm the unit up before powering on, or the unit could be damaged. The unit should be a minimum of 5°C before power up.

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