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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Canopy Mounting for Stage and Studio Fixtures

 We often receive questions about canopy mounting ETC Stage and Studio fixtures that were not previously intended to have such an option. The most common request for this installation method is the ColorSource Spot, but this information applies to all fixtures evaluated under UL 1573, Stage and Studio Luminaires and Connector Strips.

While a canopy mount kit is a convenient way to secure a fixture to the ceiling, the NEC governs the installation of our fixtures based on the intended occupancy. ETC’s products have listings that define the intended UL Standard and NEC occupancy/installation.

The standard that applies to several of ETC’s lighting fixtures is UL 1573 - Stage and Studio Luminaires and Connector Strips. This listing covers lighting fixtures intended “for use in theaters, studios, and similar locations” (UL 1573, 1.1). In addition to UL 1573, please note that UL 1598 – Luminaires, covers general purpose lighting fixtures. The National Electrical Code differentiates between general use and special occupancies, such as theatrical spaces. NEC Article 520 covers installations in theatrical spaces, and UL 1573 was written to specifically reflect the NEC special occupancy considerations. Since stage and studio luminaires are designed such that they can be relocated, UL 1573 and NEC Article 520 do not address installation of these fixtures to electrical junction boxes. Installation of luminaires to junction boxes is covered under the general use requirements of NEC Article 410, with UL 1598 listing addressing the specific risks associated with junction box installation methods.

Only fixtures listed under UL 1598, not UL 1573, can be installed with a canopy mount kit.

Even though the Source4 HID canopy mounting kit may fit UL 1573 luminaires, this installation method is not part of the listing evaluation. Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) can choose to red tag installations where the canopy mounting kit is used with stage and studio luminaires.

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