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Difference Between Light Engine Body, Shutter Barrel Assembly, and Lens Tube on an Ellipsoidal Fixture

KMS Exploded Diagram S4 LED.png

When looking at ellipsoidal spot fixture, ETC breaks the fixture down into 3 main component parts.

1.       Light engine body

2.       Shutter barrel assembly

3.       Lens tube

When ordering a new LED spot fixture you have the option of the Light engine body only OR light engine body AND shutter barrel.  Lens tubes are always ordered as a separate part number with LED fixtures.   Source 4 incandescent are the only product where an entire fixture with all 3 parts can be ordered under one product number.


Here are some common reasons to order the light engine body only:

1.       Upgrading existing ETC incandescent Source 4 units to LED.  You can reuse your existing shutter barrel assembly and lens tubes from your existing Source 4 fixtures and just purchase a new light engine body to complete the fixture.

2.       If you are planning to use the 15°-30° or 25°-50° degree zoom lens permanently on your fixtures, the zoom lens have the shutter barrel natively built into them.

3.       If you are planning to use the LED cyc adapter or LED fresnel adapter permanently on your Color Source or S4 LED fixture.

While the shutter barrel assembly is not required for the above applications, we suggest only ordering the light engine only model if your fixtures will permanently be used as zoom fixtures, cyc lights or fresnels.  There is a very small cost savings by ordering the light engine body only, which is easily offset by the flexibility of being able to build additional spot fixtures when your zooms, cycs, or fresnels are not needed.

Here are common reasons to order the Light Engine w/ Shutter Barrel Assembly only:

1.       When ordering new LED spot fixtures you will most likely want to specify the light engine with shutter barrel assembly.  You will also have to specify a separate lens tube degree of your choice.  ETC does recommend the EDLT lens tube to be used with the S4 LED and Color Source.

Nota Bene:
At the present time, the ETC incandescent Source 4 models are the only ellipsoidal spot fixtures you can order as a “complete fixture”.  A complete fixture would include the Lamp Housing (“Light Engine”), shutter barrel assembly and desired lens tube which can be ordered under one part number.


ETC Part # (UL) ETC Part # (CE) Description
7060A1005 7060A1205 Source Four 5° Fixture, Black (Standard Lens tube are the only options for 5°)
7060A1006 7060A1206 Source Four 10° Fixture, Black (Standard Lens tubes are the only options for 10°)
7060A1087-0X 7060A1287-0X Source Four 14° Fixture, Black (EDLT lens)
7060A1007 7060A1207 Source Four 19° Fixture, Black (Standard Lens Tube, not EDLT)
7060A1008 7060A1208 Source Four 26° Fixture, Black (Standard Lens Tube, not EDLT)
7060A1009 7060A1209 Source Four 36° Fixture, Black (Standard Lens Tube, not EDLT)
7060A1010 7060A1210 Source Four 50° Fixture, Black (Standard Lens Tube, not EDLT)
7060A1088-0X 7060A1288-0X Source Four 70° Fixture, Black (EDLT Lens)
7060A1089-0X 7060A1289-0X Source Four 90° Fixture, Black (EDLT Lens)



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