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Load Rating for Source Four C Clamps

How much weight can a Source Four or ColorSource C-Clamp carry?

Many of our fixtures ship with a C-clamp (7060A2009) to mount the fixture in the normal theatrical manner from a length of Schedule 40 1.5" ID (2" OD) pipe.  We are occasionally asked about the load rating of this clamp.

There is no load rating for this part as an individual assembly.  It is sold as part of the top-level Source Four or ColorSource fixture assembly or as a Source Four/ColorSource fixture accessory. It has been tested by UL as a safe hanging device for a Source Four or ColorSource and is covered in our UL 1573 rating for stage and studio lighting fixtures.  In other words, UL says it is a safe way to hang a Source Four or ColorSource, but it is not independently-rated and is not sold as a rigging/load-bearing device for any other purpose.

If a load rated clamp is needed for fixtures, such as FOS/4 panel products, ETC does stock the following buyout options:


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