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Replace a Source Four Reflector


My reflector is damaged and needs to be replaced.


NOTE: A cracked reflector does not affect the optical performance of the fixture. Please see support article: Cracks In Source Four Reflectors for more information. 

Removal Process

Step 1: Place the reflector housing face down on your work surface so that the concave reflector surface points downward.

Step 2: Loosen the clutch and rotate the yoke so that it is perpendicular to the housing at roughly a 90° angle. Tighten the clutch.

Step 3: Using the yoke as your handle, raise the housing assembly off of the work surface a few inches and then firmly tap the housing on the work surface. This should force the reflector out of its clips.

Step 4: Carefully lift the housing to see if the reflector is released. If it is not, repeat step 3 with slightly more force.


This procedure may crack or break the reflector. Always wear gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask when performing this procedure.

Install Process

Step 1: Place the reflector housing casting on a flat work surface with the large opening facing up.

Step 2: Install the reflector support spring in the circular opening at the base of the casting.

Step 3: Insert the reflector at an angle, under any three adjacent legs of the reflector's clips.

Step 4: Gently press down on the opposite side of the reflector until it snaps into place under the remaining clips.



The process above assumes all four reflector retainer clips have already been riveted to the reflector housing casting and the gate bushings installed on the retainer clips.


The removal and install processes were taken directly from the Source Four Assembly Guide. See guide for pictures and part numbers of appropriate materials mentioned in this article. 

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