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How to turn on a Source Four LED Series 1 or 2 fixture to focus the light without DMX control?


I have a Source Four LED Series 1/2 or Desire fixture which either has no DMX control, or improperly configured DMX control. How do I turn the light on so I can focus the light?


  1. With the power supplied to the fixture, press [s4leddesire-01.png] to open the Presets & Sequences menu
  2. Select Focus and press [s4leddesire-02.png]. This turns on the LED array to enable focusing.
  3. Adjust the fixtures position as needed.
  4. When focusing is complete press [s4leddesire-02.png] to restore the fixture to its original look.
  5. Select [s4leddesire-03.png] button to return to the home screen.


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