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Updating Series 2 LED Fixtures Fails or is Stuck Downloading Using Response Mk2 Gateways


When, updating a Source Four LED Series 2 fixture, using UpdaterAtor and Response Mk2 gateways, sometimes the update will fail with the fixture stuck at the start of the update or with the fixture partially completing the download but never fully completing.

Explanation of Issue

There are some specific timings that are required for the download to complete successfully. Due to changes in hardware and software over time, these timings may have been out of alignment. UpdaterAtor 6.0.2 or newer has embedded updated timings to ensure success.


  1. Ensure Mk2 Gateways are running version 1.2.0 or higher.
  2. Ensure UpdaterAtor is running version 6.0.2 or higher.
  3. With an internet connection, launch UpdaterAtor to automatically update the timing parameters (this is done as a part of the process it uses for looking for available firmware versions on launch).
    1. For consoles that need updated timings, complete step 3 on a PC connected to the internet and then use Save for Console to transfer these timings to a console along with the firmware versions.

Do not connect your console directly to the open internet.


Note: If a fixture has failed to update and is stuck at 0% complete, updating again even with the correct timings, though it may appear to progress normally, may result in the fixture rebooting back to "Please start software download." Performing the update once more should result in a successful update.



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