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Source Four LED Randomly Turns Off and Back On


During use, a Source Four LED Series 1 or Series 2 fixture randomly turns itself off and back on, despite having no controls telling it to do so.

Explanation of Issue

This could be due to the fixture overheating, but likely is not related to any kind of product failure. For example, if the fixture is running in boost mode at full intensity, and the fan mode is set to DMX control, but the programmer has set the fan control speed at 0 or a very low speed, it's more likely to happen than if the fixture is running in regulated mode, or if fan control is set to auto. The fixture does have built in protection to turn the fan on when needed while in DMX mode, to prevent catastrophic damage. A fixture hanging at the top of a high ceiling with little ambient cooling or ventilation is also more likely to overtemp.

Possible Solutions

  1. Make sure the programming in your controls sets the fan speed higher.
  2. Change the operating mode from Boost to Regulated.
  3. Change the Fan mode from DMX to Auto, Slow, or Fast.
  4. Find a way to improve the ambient cooling where the fixtures are hung.
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