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Source Four LED Series 2 Serial Number Location

There are two places to find the serial number on a Source Four LED Series 1 or Series 2 fixture. One is found through the UI on the rear of the fixture, and the other is found on a physical label. See the instructions below for finding both options.

Serial Number in the UI

  1. Press the Enter button to go to the Main Menu
  2. Press the down arrow to highlight Advanced Settings, then press Enter
  3. Press the down arrow to highlight Diagnostics, then press Enter
  4. Press the down arrow to highlight About Fixture, then press Enter
  5. The number will be listed on the line that says Ser: XXXXXXXXX, where the X's are a nine digit number:

Serial Number Label

If you look through the grate on the underside of the fixture, you'll find a while label affixed to the light engine on inside. This label will have a P/N (part number), S/N (serial number), and barcode.

Source 4 LED Serial Location.png


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