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Swapping DMX Chip in a Source Four LED Series 2


Fixture powers up, DMX is present, but the DMX light blinks indicating that the fixture is not receiving DMX

Description/Explanation of Issue

After confirming that your DMX source and DMX cables are working, the issue may be a failed DMX chip in the fixture. 


  1. With a long handelled hex driver, remove both 4mm hex head screws that hold the light engine to the
    fixture body. These are located on either side of the UI. 
  2. Pull the light engine straight out, removing from the fixture body.
  3. Locate U11 and U12 on the control card. U12 is the spare DMX chip. 
  4. Swap U11 with U12
  5. Note the black circle on the upper
    right corner of the chips. Use this as your reference point as the chips
    have to be orientated correctly to function.


The DMX Chip is part number Z1458-F should you need to purchase a new chip.

If this does not resolve the problem, please contact ETC Technical Services. 


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