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Do Similar Lamps/Fixtures/Drivers Work The Same?

This is a common type of question; we've tested a lamp from a manufacturer, but does this other model they produce in a different color temperature perform the same? We've tested a 40W driver from a manufacturer, but does their 60W version perform the same?

The answer: maybe, but there's no guarantee. 

Dimmable incandescent lamps are simple; the more power runs through them, the more energy they shed as light. That's just a result of what they're made of. LEDs are intricate electronic devices, and can react drastically to small changes in design. Changing the physical parts in an LED circuit to make it brighter, change the color temperature of the light, or even fit into a different enclosure might impact its performance.

If a customer is curious about the performance of a luminaire and we haven't tested it, there's no way to be sure how it performs - even if we've tested something similar in the past. In order to know for sure how something will perform, testing is necessary.

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