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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

Submitting LED Compatibility Test Samples

We're happy to provide LED testing at no cost. We can test LEDs on a wide range dimming products throughout our history, and provide detailed performance information.

Submitting a Request and Shipping Samples

In order for testing to occur, please fill out our Test Request Form; an email confirmation will be sent when submitted, along with a reference number in case you have any questions about testing status. Please carefully follow the shipping instructions on the confirmation page; any differences may create a delay in starting and completing test results.

Any information provided on the form will help us make the best recommendations we can, though it's okay if you're not sure how to answer something.

What ETC Needs To Perform Testing

For best results and turnaround times, provide everything necessary in the shipment - what's needed varies by the type of sample.

Line Voltage Lamps

For line voltage lamps like typical Edison screw-ins, all that's needed is the lamp. If the lamp base is uncommon, we may not have it stocked - providing the lamp bases in the shipment will prevent some unexpected delays. If you're not sure whether we stock a base type, please ask at

Low Voltage Lamps / Tape / Strips, or Drivers / Transformers

Low voltage luminaires require a transformer or driver in order for testing results to be accurate. Dimming performance depends on the combination of dimmer, lamp, and driver, so it's important that the exact models intended to be used are provided. We do not stock any drivers or luminaires for testing in case they are not provided, and cannot make recommendations on third party drivers to match with low voltage luminaires or vice versa.

Complete Lighting Fixture, or Separate LED Array and Driver

For a complete lighting fixture, nothing else is necessary. You may be able to save on shipping by providing the bare essentials; all that's truly necessary is the LED array on an appropriate heat sink, and the driver to power it.

How Many Samples Should Be Sent?

For line voltage samples, between four to six units is best. For drivers this means four to six of the driver and the luminaire, for other LED types four to six full units. For other dimming types like 0-10V or DMX samples, just one sample is necessary.

Having Test Samples Returned

Please provide either a prepaid shipping label for package return, or a shipping account number and shipping address on the test request form when submitted. Samples cannot be returned without one of these two options. Samples will be safely disposed of if indicated that they're not to be returned, or once some time has passed after test results have been provided if necessary returns information isn't available. 

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