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Updating 1-Port Gateways to be Configured in GCE

With the release of Gateway Configuration Editor (GCE) version 3.0.0, 1-Port Gateways running version 4.3.0 and higher can be configured in GCE.  Here is a step-by-step of the update process entirely performed from the comfort of your very own GCE 3.0.0 or higher: 

Step 1: Launch GCE and make sure that Address Service and Update Service are both enabled.


Step 2: With your 1-Port Gateways connected, go to the Online menu and select "Set Device Network Mode"


Step 3: In the following dialog, select the 1-Port Gateways that you wish to update (in this example it is named "Pre-GCE 1-Port") and choose {Update Software}.


Step 4: Be sure to direct GCE to use your computer as the source for the update.


Step 5: When the update is complete, the gateway should automatically reboot to its previous mode after requesting an IP address. If it was previously in Net2 mode, you will need to switch it to ACN mode using the menus and dialog shown in steps 2 and 3 above. When it has completed this process or if it was in sACN mode previously, it will appear in GCE in the Online Devices table when either the DMX Gateways or All Devices tab are selected.

From there, it configures for sACN function just like any other gateway in GCE.

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