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Why Can I See Newer Products in Older Software but Not Configure Them?


While running an older version of software, a newer networking related product that was released after the version of software currently running is displayed, but is not able to be configured properly.

Explanation of Issue

Many ETC programs share a file that includes definitions about networking related products. This shared file is updated on each installation of any program that shares it if the installing program's version is newer than the existing file.

Example: Net3 Gateway Configuration Editor (GCE) 3.1.2 was installed on a console. Eos version 3.0.0 is subsequently installed on that console. Because Eos includes the shared file, GCE now knows about Response MkII Gateway products so they will display in the discovered devices, but are not configurable in GCE because that software was deprecated before the introduction of the Response MkII Gateways and does not contain the appropriate code to be able to configure them.


  1. Consult the Release Notes for the product you wish to configure
  2. Install or update to the appropriate version of software required to configure the product(s) you see.
  3. Install or update the device package in Concert if applicable.



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