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Net3 Conductor with Secondary Network Will Not Connect to Internet


The Secondary Network is connected to the Net3 Conductor, but the Internet status stays disconnected.  

Explanation of Issue and Steps to Solution

  1. Confirm internet services are present on the secondary network.
  2. Confirm the Primary and Secondary networks are plugged into the correct Network ports on the Net3 Conductor and are not swapped.
  3. Confirm your Secondary Network IP settings are correct.
  4. Confirm the Routing Tab, Routing setting is set to the proper setting for your network.  (Typically "Use the default router from the Secondary Network Adapter")
  5. If you have a Default Gateway assigned to the Primary network, remove it, apply changes, and power cycle the Net3 Conductor.
  6. If a DNS server is in use for the Secondary networks' connection to the internet,  make sure the IP address of that server is entered in the Secondary Network's connection settings

The reason the Default Gateway on the Primary network must be cleared, is that Conductor uses a shared Gateway for both network interfaces. If the Default Gateway is filled in on the Primary network, Conductor will try to route its internet-required functions through that port instead of the Secondary network.

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