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Electronic Theatre Controls Inc


ETCNet, now known as ETCNet1 to differentiate it from ETCNet2 and Net3, was ETC's original Ethernet based control protocol. It is a proprietary protocol and the specifications are not publicly available.

ETCNet1 is a raw ethernet protocol, meaning that it will not work over a routed network and may not work with certain types of network switches. To be sure, use of a network hub is recommended.

ETCNet1 provided transport of console video data, DMX (up to 4 universes), tracking backup information and keyboard information over the network. It did not allow for DMX inputs or DMX patching over the network.

Products that speak ETCNet1 natively include :

  • Express
  • Expression/Insight 2/2x/3
  • Obsession(1)
  • Net1 Remote Video Interface (RVI)
  • Net1 Remote Interface Unit (RIU)

Many ETCNet2 nodes also have a Net1 mode that allows them to operate with Net1 equipment. When operating in Net1 mode, the devices have only the capabilities provided by the Net1 protocol and the console supplying the data. (e.g. No DMX inputs and an express console only outputs video for one monitor.)

ETCNet2 products that have a Net1 mode include :

  • Four Port ETCNet2 DMX Node
  • Two Port ETCNet2 DMX Node
  • ETCNet2 Video Node
  • ETCNet2 Network Configuration Editor (NCE)
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