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Net 2 Node LED Guide

External LEDs

Node LED Function Mode Color State Description
Port Status Input Red Blinking Waiting for DMX
Steady Valid DMX
Output Green Blinking Not Receiving EDMX
Steady Valid EDMX
Power Net 1 Mode Blue Blinks On for 3 Seconds, Off for 1 Second Powered on and connected to console
Blinks at 2Hz (Twice per second) Powered on and not connected to console
Net 2 Mode Steady Node is powered on
Network Activity   Green Flicker/Glow Processing network information


Internal LEDs

These LEDs are used for diagnostic purposes and are not normally exposed.

Ethernet Diagnostics

These LEDs are always active

DMX Node Location Video Node Location Color Function
CR1 CR4 Red Transmit
CR2 CR5 Green Link
CR3 CR6 Orange Collision

CPU Diagnostics

These LEDs are read together and are only active during boot.

CR4 (DMX) / CR11 (Video)
CR5 (DMX) / CR12 (Video)
CR6 (DMX) / CR13 (Video)
Off Off Off BootRom Init Started
Off ON Off FPGA Loaded
Off ON ON DRAM Setup Completed
ON ON ON Restart Complete
Off Off Off BootRom Init Complete
BootStrap Program Started


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