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Net3 Radio Focus Remote RFR Setup On Congo Version 5

There are a couple of specialized steps for setting up the Net3 RFR on Congo version 5 as opposed to Eos/Ion.

  1. On the handheld unit, find an available frequency and set the channel as described in the RFR setup guide.
  2. With the base station plugged into the Congo, go into [System Settings] from the Heartbeat screen.
  3. On the GENERAL tab, in the REMOTE FOCUS UNIT section, set the channel for the base station to match the hand held unit.
  4. On the PROTOCOLS tab, enable the "ACN" option.
  5. Choose [Exit System Settings].
  6. Boot into the Congo application by selecting [Master].
  7. The next step depends on whether you are starting a new play file or using an existing play.
    • For a new play, the starting dialog has an option to "Enable Remote Control". Activate that option.
    • For an existing play:
      1. Open "General Settings" in the browser.
      2. Select "Play Settings" from the "General Settings" section of the browser and press [Modify] on the keyboard.
      3. On the SYSTEM tab, activate the option for "Enable Remote Control".

Your RFR should now work.

Note-Icon.png NOTE: The channel will not highlight on the monitor while typing the RFR command, but it should show the final level when the command is completed.
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