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Net 3 Gateway Stuck On "BSP Rev" Message


My Net 3 Gateway screen is stuck on a message that says "Net 3 4-Port Gateway BSP Rev ###" and won't boot any further. I can't get it to show up in Gateway Configuration Editor (GCE) and/or Net 3 Concert.

Description/Explanation of Issue

That message appears on every Gateway as it boots up, and gives you information about the bootloader version the Gateway has installed. If the Gateway will not proceed past this screen, the application code that allows the Gateway to function is not starting, whether due to corruption, or a hardware failure.


  1. Please powercycle the Gateway by removing the source of power, leaving it off for a few seconds, and then reapplying power.
  2. If the Gateway still doesn't boot past this screen, unfortunately it will need to be repaired at the factory.
    1. Please contact ETC and/or your preferred local ETC dealer to get an RMA set up.

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