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Installing NCE V4.0.0 on Windows 98

Before installing NCE Version 4.0.0 on a computer running Windows 98 OSR2, you needed to run a program called vcredist.exe to install the appropriate Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Libraries.  This software is found on the software CD under Related Documents. 4103D1005-4.0.0

This NCE Software installation installed the application and the ETCNet2 node code in the directory C:\ETC\nodesbin, overwriting existing files in that location.  It also added 3 additional files:

  • ppimage.bin
    for upgrading Two Port ETCNet2 DMX Nodes from 1.1.0 to 4.0.0
  • emphfp.bin
    to add the IP address of Emphasis Facepanels into the file
  • obs2fp.bin
  • to add the IP address of Obsession 2 Facepanels into the file.


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