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Magical DMX Distributor DMX Output Flickering

What do I do if the left row of lights come up randomly, or flicker around 20%?

Capacitor C6 must be replaced by a qualified ETC technician.  U1 and U3 (DMX driver chips) could also be the problem.  These are 75176-socketed chips.  This chip pops out and can be replaced easily.  When taking this chip out and replacing it, the person should be grounded.  If the person does not have a wrist strap or any other method of grounding himself or herself, they should place one hand on any metal part of the unit before touching the chip or any part of the board, and leave their hand on the metal until they are finished replacing the chip.

What do I do if one channel is not working?

One fuse may be blown; most likely fuse 10 or 11.



If a green light on the bottom row is out, this means a channel is out.

Also, a new MDD/MDR card cage was released in March of 2000, which adds a fan to the assembly.

This has been found to lower the temperature in the cage significantly, and makes the cards much more reliable.  See ECO 4914.

Note-Icon.png Note:The entire cage assembly and faceplates must be replaced--none of the old cage parts are re-usable.  
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