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Response Mk2 Gateways Not Syncing in Net3 Concert Software


I am running Net3 Concert software with Response Mk2 Gateways connected to the network.  The Mk2 gateways are not showing up in Net3 Concert; or the Mk2 gateways will not complete the sync process in Net3 Concert.


Be sure that you are running Net3 Concert software v4.0.2 or newer.  The Response Mk2 gateway device package was not added to Net3 Concert until v4.0.2.  Any older version will not be able to reliably communicate with these gateways.  

You can check the version of Net3 Concert by opening the 'Help' dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the software window, then choosing 'About Net3 Concert'.  The version number listed in bold at the top of the pop up is the version you are looking for.  


  1. Install the latest version of Net3 Console Software from
    1. You may have to run the installer on your computer/console twice, as the first run will uninstall an existing version of net3 Concert software and will require a second on to install the new version. 
  2. Open the Software and sync your devices.


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