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Updating Response Gateway Firmware Using Updaterator

How can I update the Firmware on My DMX Gateway?

When Net3 Gateways were first introduced, configuration and update were managed through a program called Gateway Configuration Editor.  As new gateway types have been added and time has progressed, this program has become outdated.  Now, we use Net3 Concert to configure Gateways and a program called Updaterator to update them. 

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

Download Updaterator and install it onto your computer.  Be sure to configure your computer's IP to be in the same range as the DMX Gateway you wish to update.   

Run Updaterator.  A box will appear asking you to choose your network interface.  Please be sure to choose the interface which is configured to speak to your gateways.

Check for the latest firmware.  This should be done while you have an active internet connection so that firmware can be downloaded from our servers if necessary.  Click "Setup Versions" and then "Download All Latest Software."  This may take a few minutes.

Once you have the latest firmware downloaded you should be able to see the Gateways in Updaterator.  If they require an update you will see an up arrow for their status.

To update, select the unit from the list, then choose "Update."  This process may take several minutes.  The software will show a progress bar and then the gateway will reboot.