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Net3 Show Control Gateway may not process all incoming and outgoing MIDI Packets if they are sent less than 8 milliseconds apart


I am sending multiple MIDI messages at once via Eos software, but not all of them are being received out of a Net3 Show Control Gateway.  For instance, I am using several Cue Lists.  When I use GoToCue Out, all of those Lists are reset to the top with corresponding MIDI messages, but my receiving device is only seeing a handful of those messages.  A Wireshark capture shows that Eos is outputting all of the MIDI messages over the network.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The Net3 Show Control Gateway may not be able to process all packets of data it receives if they are sent extremely quickly (ie under 8 milliseconds apart).  In some situations Eos may send MIDI messages in a smaller timeframe than 8ms.

This bug is recorded as a Known Issue in v1.0.5 of Net3 Show Control Gateway: RND 0010511  ACN MIDI Set Props don't get cued up and some are getting dropped or stepped on.

This issue does not appear to affect Net3 Show Control Gateways from transmitting MTC MIDI Time Code.  (Net3 Show Control Gateways do not receive MTC over the network, only transmit MTC that is received at their MIDI Input.)


If practical, use "MIDI Cue List" to limit which Cue List updates will be sent via MIDI.

The Response MIDI Widget does not share this limitation.  The MIDI ports on the back of some consoles do not share this limitation.

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