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Why does UpdaterAtor say No Internet Connection was detected?


I want to download firmware in Setup Versions within UpdaterAtor, but the Setup Versions says "No Internet connection was detected" and I can't download firmware for any devices. How do I fix this?

Explanation of Issue & Solution

Upon launching UpdaterAtor the program checks all of the network adapters on your computer to check for an internet connection, as well as checking if it has access to ETC's FTP server where the firmware files are stored. If it cannot detect a connection, Setup Versions will display "No Internet connection was detected". Follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Make sure your computer actually has internet. Try opening a web browser and navigating to a website, like
  2. If your computer gained internet access while UpdaterAtor was open, close and re-open UpdaterAtor.
  3. Disable any firewalls on your computer, or create a rule to allow UpdaterAtor full access.
  4. Check with your IT department to see if they're blocking FTP.

The network selection when you first launch UpdaterAtor is to point the program to your lighting network where your ETC product resides. You do NOT need to point UpdaterAtor to a specific NIC to tell it where the internet is. It automatically checks all NICs for this access.

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