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ColorSource Raceway Spare/Replacement Parts List


BE AWARE: Changing the outlet type on your ColorSource Raceway from one type to another (i.e. replacing an Edison Duplex with a Stage Pin) will void the UL listing on your product.


Outlet Plates

Part Part Number
Edison Single Plate Assembly 7199A2005
Edison Duplex Plate Assembly 7199A2004
Stage Pin Plate Assembly 7199A2006
Twistlock Plate Assembly 7199A2007
Neutrik True1 Plate Assembly 7199A2008
British Round Pin Plate Assembly 7199A2009
British Square Pin Plate Assembly 7199A2010
Shuko Single Plate Assembly 7199A2011
CEE16A Plate Assembly 7199A2013


Other Plates

Part Part Number
DMX Data Plate Assembly 7199A2003
Worklight Power Supply Assembly 7199A2014
Ethernet Plate Assembly 7199A2022
Blank Plate Assembly 7199A2025


Other Accessories

Part Part number Notes
Junction Bracket Hardware Assembly 7199A2019  
Junction Bracket Screws HWM1897 M4 x 8mm Phillips, Flat Head Machine Screw, Undercut, Black Zinc
Pipe Joiner Hardware Assembly 7199A2020  
Pipe Joiner Screws HWM2317 M6-1.0 x 16 Torx T30 Pan Head Taptite Black Zinc
Term Box End Cap Bumper 7199A4002  Add "-1" to part number for white, or "-X" for yellow
Term Box BumperMetal Trim Ring 7199A3028  
Strip End Cap Bumper 7199A4003  Add "-1" to part number for white, or "-X" for yellow
Strip End Cap Metal Cover 7199A3010  
Screws for Bumper Metal Covers HWM1136 M4 x 10mm Posidrive Pan Head Taptite Black Zinc
Faceplate Mounting Screws (for all Plate Assemblies) HWM1662 M4 x 8mm Pozi-drive Pan Head Taptite Black Zinc
DMX Interface Left/Right Assembly (Inside Term Box) 7199B5601 (Left Term)
7199B5701 (Right Term)
DMX Data Plate Low Voltage Power Supply (Inside Term Box) PS481  


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