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Bypassing Capacitor For Low Wattage Devices


WARNING: Ensure safe isolation procedures are followed before removing the covers

If in doubt, do not proceed and contact a local qualified, or suitably skilled, electrician


My low wattage device glows or continues to operate, when the relay is off. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

This is due to a capacitor installed across the relay to meet the CE requirements for larger wattage devices.

In CE (and UKCA) regions, this capacitor must be installed when dimming loads >= 1 kW


If you find that you need to install this dimmer with low wattage devices, the capacitor can be bypassed by moving the appropriate channels jumpers.

  • Jumper position A - Capacitor active
  • Jumper position B - Capacitor bypassed

The jumper (circled red below) is located to the right of the relay on the Triac PCB: 

Low Wattage CS Thrupower.JPG